What is Stroke?Types of Stroke,Causes& PT managemant of Stroke-

What is Stroke?Types of Stroke,Causes& PT managemant of Stroke-

Types of Stroke, Causes& PT management-How are you, dear readers, I hope you are all well. The topic we will discuss in today’s post is a critical topic for us. Which creates many obstacles in our life. So today’s topic is stroke.

We will try to know all the information about why stroke occurs through this post. This post provides all the information to get rid of this disease called stroke. I hope that if these rules are easily followed, the risk of hoarding will be greatly reduced.


A stroke is a disease that disrupts brain cells and stops blood circulation, causing a person to lose the ability to function and move normally. A stroke can cause weakness on any side of the body. The body becomes dull. Sometimes the patient cannot even speak.

Types of stroke- We have a stroke at any time due to various reasons in our bodies. A stroke can sometimes lead to death. The stocks we hold have three parts, those three parts are-

**1.Ischemic stroke-

When we have this type of ischemic stroke, a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain is blocked. Then that blood vessel becomes closed or narrow. As a result, if the blood circulation is obstructed, the performance of the body is gradually lost.

**2. Hemorrhagic stroke-

A hemorrhagic stroke causes the weakening of the blood vessels in some parts of the brain. When a blood vessel bursts, this type of stroke is called a hemorrhagic stroke. This type of stroke causes the blood vessels in the brain to leak. Blood clots in such stocks. As a result, people lose their normal performance.

**3. Transient ischemic stroke-

Some strokes are not temporary. This type of stroke can be cured very quickly. This type of stroke temporarily blocks blood flow to the brain. In very small areas. It spreads throughout the body and exists for a short period, this type of stroke we usually call Tia or mini small stroke.

What causes a stroke?

1. Hypertension (high blood pressure)
2. Due to excessive smoking.
3. Due to blood clotting.
4. Due to excessive drinking.
5. If you take any chemicals.
6. It may be due to vascular disease.
7. This may result in venous malformations. (etc.)

Types of Stroke,Causes& PT managemant of Stroke

Some risky activities are more likely to cause stroke:

1. Due to overexcitement.
2. Due to excessive smoking.
3. Due to diabetes.
4. If there is a history of it in the family.
5. Due to obesity or overweight. (etc.)

What problems can happen in our body after a stroke:

1. May lose the ability to speak.
2. The body may become weak.
3. May cause headaches.
4. May cause nausea.
5. May cause movement problems.
6. Nerve blood circulation can be stopped.

7. Different bones of the body can become stiff.
8. Increases high blood pressure.
9. Body is not as fit as before.
10. Loss of speech due to neurological injury.
11. May cause photosystem disease.
12. Often prevents the anus from doing its normal job. (etc.)

What can be done to stay risk-free from stroke and its treatment and exercise:

First I can take physiotherapy and recovery from stroke is possible with proper exercise and proper diet.
1. Infrared radiation (IRR) can be taken.
2. Can take EST to stimulate blood circulation or muscles.
3. Can use TENS.

What exercises should be done?

** 1. Passive Room Exercise –

If a patient is to be exercised, the patient’s condition should be checked first, if the patient’s condition is bad or unable to do anything, the patient should be fully exercising.

**2. Active Assist Exercises

If a patient has problems with half or part of the body, he will perform the exercises as shown and needs someone else to support him.

**3. Mobilization Exercises –

Every joint in the body should be well-rotated.

So that the body parts are free, not stiff. Then the process of movement will gradually increase and the patient will recover quickly.

4. Walking exercise-

The patient should try to walk so that he can walk. If the patient can walk by trying to hold two hands, the patient will be seen to be regaining his normal function.

** 5. Balance Exercises-

It is often seen that the patient cannot balance or walk upright after a stroke. That is why the patient should try to walk straight from one place to another so that the patient does not fall.

Then he will gradually regain his balance and not fall anywhere easily.

*Gait re-education
*Respiratory Management-
*Bladder and bowel training

There are many other types of exercises. But the above exercises will help Ruby recover faster. He will regain his normal performance. Many of us are upset when we have a stroke.

We don’t know what to do or not to do. However, such risks can be easily avoided if some rules are followed. Any exercise is very beneficial for the body. A healthy person who exercises daily keeps his body organs healthy. Stock risk is reduced to a great extent.

We can go to good physical medicine and physiotherapist doctor for exercise and proper treatment. We should avoid excess tension, smoking, and drinking. If we have diabetes we should keep it under control. Then we can easily get rid of this disease called stroke.


Exercise plays a very important role for us. To avoid the risk of stroke. So there is no substitute for regular exercise to live a healthy and beautiful life.






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