Low Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Guidelines &Treatment Procedures:

Low Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Guidelines &Treatment Procedures:

 Low Back Pain: Guidelines &Treatment Procedures: In today’s society we often hear the name low back pain. What we call back pain or middle pain and low back pain in English. This problem has become a headache for people nowadays.  Due to long hours of office work or homework, due to not following proper rules, we feel pain in the lower abdomen. Which is very uncomfortable for us.

Now if we define it or how to understand back pain you can easily understand if you read the below definition.

Low back pain refers to the pain felt from the lower part of the spine to the anus which we commonly call back pain.

Now let’s share with you all the information about what causes this problem. Keeping these few factors in mind can help you avoid this problem. Low Back Pain Treatment

What causes back pain: Low Back Pain Treatment

1. If you sit in a chair for a long time and do office work.
2. If you have an arthritis problem.
3. Injury problem.
4. Inflammatory problems.
5. Due to excess weight.
6. As a result of long-term spinal bending or incorrect posture.

7. If the tumor.
8. If rickets.
9. Due to age.
10. If you sit or stand for a long time(etc.)                                                                                                                                          11.Muscles or ligament strains.                                                                                                                                                              12. Lifestyle.                                                                                                                                                                                               14. Some medical problems. e.g, Gallbladder disease, and stomach problems.

What causes back pain in the body:

Back pain makes it difficult for us to perform normal activities and movements. Muscles become stiff. We have trouble walking. Many times we have to stay in bed due to severe pain which gives us headaches. Low Back Pain: Guidelines &Treatment Procedures:

What should we do in case of back pain:

1. Sit up straight. Keep your back straight with something behind your back while sitting.
2. Keep weight under control.
3. Sleep on a firm and even bed.
4. Keep your spine straight and pillow high after sleeping.
5. Use high comed.

6. Consume a moderate amount of food as per the food list.
7. Use chairs and tables at the correct height.
8. Lie in one position before going to sleep and stand in one position after waking up. (etc.)

What we need to exclude: Low Back Pain Treatment

1. Don’t sleep on a foam mattress or soft mattress.
2. Do not bend or twist the spine.
3. Do not stand or sit in the same position for a long time.
4. Do not bend down and lift heavy objects.
5. No work can be done while learning.
6. Avoid working in low places such as stairs, low bends or sitting on the floor. (etc.).

Symptoms of low back pain:

Low Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Guidelines &Treatment Procedures:

Many times we do not understand whether we have low back pain or not, so there must be some problem in the body.

1. Movement difficulties that may be severe enough to prevent walking or standing. Which causes many problems in our movement.
2. Pain that does not radiate down the leg or pain that travels to the groin, hip, or upper thigh, but rarely travels below the knee.

3. Pain that tends to be aching and dull. It can weaken the body.
4. Sometimes muscle spasms can occur, which can be severe.
5. More intense (burning, throbbing) versus dull, aching pain.
6. Weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the legs may occur.

PT Management:

1. It will help relieve pain.
2. Will help improve muscle strength.
3. Radiation will help reduce pain.
4. Maintaining effective posture is very important.
5. Muscle and ligament strength can be restored.

Tests that need to be done – Spinal X-ray b/v, MRI will be good for you so that doctors can diagnose you easily.

Treatment Procedures:

1. Electrotherapy-SWD, MWD, UST, TENS. The machine should be used according to the patient’s treatment.

2. Traction- Traction should be given according to the patient’s body weight and the affected area. But remember to give one-third of the weight according to the patient’s body weight.

3. Exercise should be done to strengthen back muscles. To restore muscle strength.
4. Passive stretching should be done.
5. Exercises that have SLR with plantar and dorsi flexion should be performed.

6. Do hip and knee flexion exercises.
7. Gait training exercises should be given to the patient to restore walking or if there is any problem with walking.
8. Isometric back muscle exercises should be done to increase strength. Low Back Pain Treatment


To get rid of the pain we take different types of painkillers, but it does not cure the disease of the body properly, and many times surgery is required. Low Back Pain: Guidelines &Treatment Procedures:

So it is possible to get rid of back pain if you do proper treatment and exercise as per the doctor’s advice. Physiotherapy treatment plays a leading role in hip pain. So without fear, it is possible to go to a physical medicine specialist doctor or a physiotherapist doctor to get the right solution. Low Back Pain Treatment

Hopefully, if you follow these steps correctly you won’t have this problem again. To stay healthy, exercise should be done daily. Because exercise keeps us healthy and strong. I am ending here today wishing you all good health. If you found this post useful, please encourage us to provide better posts.






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