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iPhone 15 Pro Max,Exclusive Features,Release date,Price & about iPhone 15 series-

iPhone 15 Pro Max-Apple is the only brand that launches only one series a year. In other words, they launch only one series of smartphones. We eagerly await it all year long and want to see what they are coming up with this new time. So Apple’s upcoming series is iPhone 15 series. For which many of you are eagerly waiting.

So today’s content will discuss iPhone 15 Pro Max series. All the details of this new phone will be discussed in this post.

The iPhone 15 series release date:

The iPhone 15 series phone is going to be launched in September. And again like before we will get this phone in four categories. Among these four categories are iPhone 15, iPhone 15 plus, iPhone 15 pro, iPhone 15 ultra. However, it may be heard that a smartphone called iPhone Fifteen 15 Ultra may come. But this device does not seem to be launched so soon. It may take at least two to three years. It may be that we can see the next iPhone 16. However, it completely depends on the Apple company.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 series:

iPHONE15 6.1’’ 60Hz No
iPHONE15 PLUS 6.7’’ 60 Hz No
iPHONE15 PRO 6.1’’ 120 Hz Always-on
iPHONE15 ULTRA 6.7’’ 120 Hz Always-on

Change in the design of the iPhone-

Now the question is whether we are going to get a change in the design of the iPhone. According to earlier reports, it can be said that usually Apple company makes a new addition after three years. So it is expected that iPhone 15 Pro Max will have new features.

According to previous records, we know that after three years, Apple brings some changes in the design of their iPhone. This time it is expected and as far as we understand from various media, there will be a fairly flat type design.
But the edge aerials are being rounded a bit. Before it was completely surf, now it will be rounded a bit so that you can get a better feel by holding the phone. You will get a good grip, but big changes can be found in the ports and buttons.

This time there is no physical volume button. But there will be something like volume butter. If you tap or touch it, you will get good feedback that will give you a good feeling. You’ll feel like you’re touching a physical volume button.

Another change may be in the distribution of mutes. The Mute button is a signature feature of the iPhone as we can tell by looking at it whether our phone is on mute or ringing.

This time, a button is going to be incremented in this place, which may work like the action button used in the case of the Apple watch ultra. With that button, not only you can take mute and ring mode, but there may be many other functions.

Take a look at what’s left:

*Ring/Silent *Do not distrap *Low power mood *Light/dark mood *Lock rotation *Show the home screen *Show the lock screen *Open control power *Open notification center *Open camera *Screenshot *Screen recording * Run a shortcut *Toggle on reachability *Show the app switcher *Show the app Library *Shazam *Voiceover *Magnifier *Background sounds

Titanium can be used in case of body fame. This will make the phone a little lighter. It will be stronger than stainless steel. Is there Dynamite Island, which gained huge popularity last year?

Dynamic Island is there or not:

Many may be worried about Dynamic Island. But there is no reason to worry. This time again you are getting Dynamite Island. But we won’t get the punch hole cutter when it comes to iPhone 15 series. There will be a small capsule i.e. dynamic island. Good thing four smartphones are going to have a dynamic island. In the 14 series, we got only pro and pro max er dynamic island. The rest of the phone was as big as before.

Camera Features:

There will be several changes to the camera. There will definitely be major changes. Both the 15 and 15 Plus will have dual cameras. The Pro and Pro Max will have three cameras. But this time we are going to get a periscope zoom lens in Pro Max.

It may be able to provide a 6x optical zoom. Again in the case of pro, it seems that there will be telephoto zoom lenses where maybe 3x optical zoom will be available. Which we are seeing at the moment in 14 pro or pro max a.

This time the camera model is going to be higher and bigger. The sides may not be much bigger but the thickness will come out. The question remains then what happens to the megapixels? From 48 will go to 108 or will go 200 megapixels again.

Apple company does not seem to give such a big jump. They might come up with a 48-megapixel phone. But no clear idea has been obtained about how many megapixel cameras can come in the phone.

Type-C port:

The quality is genuine. Something we’ve been eagerly awaiting for years is the Type-C port. Many of us iPhone users want to know when the type c port will be connected to our phones. The good news is that Apple is finally going to add a type c port to the Fifteen series. Can we use any type of cable in this type-c port? I don’t think I can do that, but I can only use certified ones.

You can charge the phone only with the certified cable. Otherwise, you can use your phone up to 5w. Will not charge more than this. So you must buy an MFI-certified cable. If there is any problem with it, use Apple’s own cable. However, Apple will do some tricks. But the interesting thing is the iPhone 15 Pro max

USB type-c 3.2 port will be used. So while browsing the internet you will get blazing fast speed on this phone. Which is a very nice thing.

We are going to get a bigger display in the iPhone 15 series. But the interesting thing is that the smartphone is not getting bigger but the display will seem bigger. That is, the China bezel of the display is going to be narrower. You will get a more beautiful view from the display due to the narrowing of the China bezel by keeping the size right.

Processor of the iPhone 15 series:

Previously, all the phones that came with the iPhone were seen with the previous same processors in the entire series. But 14 series came 14 and 14 plus these two devices came with a previous chip. A15 bionic but Pro and Promax came with A16 bionic.

iPhone 15

The latest chip. The 15 series will come in any package you can expect. The 15 pro and 15 pro max will come with a bionic 17. Rumors say it’s going to be a processor built on TSMC’s 3nm fabrication.

Even after that, many questions remain, many may say, finally, does this phone have a fingerprint? In fact, no information was found on this matter. Apple has not released any information on whether there will be a fingerprint scanner. But I don’t think it will. It would be great for everyone if iPhone companies provide this.

Market price:

Now many people may be wondering how much it can cost. Will it be within our means? However, it is expected that the price will be higher than the previous iPhone 14 Pro Max. The price of AFI Phone Fifteen Pro Max in the United States can be estimated at 1099 us dollars and the price in Europe can be estimated at 1449 euro.

We know a lot about the iPhone Fifteen series through this post. Hope you like it. If we get any more information about this series, we will try to inform you immediately. You all will be fine.


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